• Amarone Valpolicella Classico 750ml

    Amarone Valpolicella Classico 750ml

    Amarone Della Valpolicecella Doc Classico

    A mature and complex wine obtained from the best Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella varietals laid out to partially dry for 90-110 days. The wine is vinified in the traditional manner and aged for an extended period French oak barriques. A silky-smooth wine that effectively reflects the characteristics of the terroir in which it originates. It pairs well with autumnal and winter dishes such as braised meats and casseroles, but above all it is a wine to linger and meditate upon. Serve at 18°-20° C (64°-68° F) in a large glass.

    Alcohol Content: 15,5% vol.

    Producer: Azienda Agricola Paolo Cottini

    Varietals: Corvina 55%, Corvinone 35%, Rondinella 10%

    Vineyard Location: Castelrotto di San Pietro In Cariano (VR)

    Yield: 8 tons per ha

    Training System: Veronese Pergola (arbour)

    Harvest: Manual, followed by drying ‘appassimento’ for 90-110 days

    Fermentation: Traditional (approx. 35 days)

    Ageing: 30 months in barriques

    Finishing: 12 months in the bottle

    Bottle Size: 8,6 cm x 31 cm

    Weight: 1,5 Kg

    Volume: 75 cl

    Case Size: 32 cm (l) x 26 cm (w) x 18,5 cm (h)

    Case Weight: 9,4 kg

    Case Contents: 6 bottles

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