Wine on Tap

Wine On Tap Benefits and Save Money

Stop throwing money down the drain, and start putting it back into your pocket!

Did you know that a open bottle of wine with-in 24 to 48 hrs goes bad, and that your bartender is pouring it down the drain. That's because your customer sent it back, it taste bitter and it's oxidized. How many mishandled bottles go broken, or even go missing. How about service, how long does it take your bartender to open a bottle while you have a full bar waiting for drinks. Or the empty bottles and cardboard that you have to throw away every night...?

That's thousands of dollars annually down the drain!

How about If I solved those problems and start putting thousands back into your pockets, and at the same time serve your customers a quality product with an easier system, this way you can double your sales.

At Presto Wine On Tap, we believe that a wine should taste exactly as the winemaker intended, from the barrel to keg and right out of the Tap. A Fresh Quality pour every time.

  • No More Bitter or Oxidized Wines
  • No More Broken or Missing Bottles
  • No More Bottles to Throw away
  • Streamline Your Service
  • Fresh Pour Every Time
  • Green Eco Product

Why Your Restaurant or Bar Should Serve Wines On Tap.

Wine On Tap offers the evolution of wine by the glass dispensed from our one-way disposable KeyKeg system, Eliminating Oxidation, and leading to a Fresh pour from the 1st glass to the last glass. Wine On Tap Eliminates the need for wasteful bottles, plastic, cardboard, corks and packaging all together. Leading to cheaper garbage pick-ups and reduced storage. Service is more streamlined, as there are no cases to receive, no bottles to stock, and no corks to open.

"Restaurants and Bars Supporting Wines On Tap, Supports a Greener Cleaner Planet"

Wine sold by the glass accounts for over half of wines sold in restaurants and bars, estimating in millions of bottles per year being dumped in landfills. Only a small portion of these glass bottles are recovered for recycling. Wines in our recycable kegs not only Eliminates bottles in landfills, they also lower transportation weight, which helps lower our Planet's Carbon Emissions.

We're here saving you money at every step, While you serve a Fresh pour every time.